SPY Fluorescence Angiography


The SPY System enhances visualization of tissue perfusion in real time.

Adequate Tissue Perfusion is vital to the success of surgery.

Perfusion is a critical indicator of tissue health. It is crucial to surgical success and the body’s ability to heal. Even a few hours of impaired perfusion can cause irreversible damage and costly complications.
Today, the most common method used to assess perfusion is clinical judgment, and yet, despite excellent techniques, perfusion-related complications still occur.
Fortunately, fluorescence angiography provides clinically-relevant information and real-time imaging of tissue perfusion.

Key benefits of the SPY system:

Complements clinical judgment and aids decision-making

Assists doctors in visualizing tissue perfusion throughout the procedure in a variety of applications

Improves understanding of patient vascular flow and tissue perfusion, which may help the doctor optimize medical and surgical treatment plans

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